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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I sign up?
  2. What Must I Have To Sign Up?
  3. What Are Your Payment Options?
  4. What Kind Of Ads Do You Offer?
  5. What Must I Do To Be On This Site?
  6. What Happens After I Have Finished The Form?
  7. How Do I Get A Banner Ad?
  8. Is It True, You Can Replace Other Lawyers?
  9. Is there a limit to how many lawyers can be on one page?
  10. Can I Be On More Then One Page?
  1. Click Here
  2. You need to be a Licensed Lawyer or a Paralegal.
    We Do Not Offer False Links Or Unlicensed Lawyers.
  3. We accept PayPal, Bank Transfers, and Credit Cards with PayPal.
  4. Our ad is a link to your site (if site is available) your name or law firm, address, number and what you provide.
  5. Just fill out the form.  And payment is received, we add you.
  6. Just though paypal, and we add you or your law firm to our site.   Plus an email which confirms your form was sent and payment was accepted.
  7. Just purchase a year term and send a email to us with a request.
  8. Yes and No, lawyers who have not yet paid can be replace.  Lawyer who have paid can not.
  9. No, as long as its not the same lawyer.
  10. Yes, when paid, you will be added to your province, city and practices.


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